Beach Run for Operation Smile

On April 9, 2011, Team TAG sponsored a Beach Run.  We were supposed to run in the annual Irvine Lake Mud Run, but we had some logistical challenges.  Thanks to our flexible runners, we managed to salvage our race – with some great additional twists.

We ran from Culver City to Play Del Rey.  Team TAG donated $30 to Operation Smile for every runner – with 13 runners we donated $390.  The finish line was the ocean along this 4.5 mile journey.  The winning team got to enjoy front row seats at the beach while every team that followed would have to dunk in the ocean.  “The Old Guys” won the race while the young whipper snappers must have had the wrong songs downloaded to their iPods.

We all enjoyed a feast at The Shack in Playa Del Rey.  I’m always skeptical when someone claims to have “The Best Burger”.  However, The Shack was legit;  they added a Louisiana hot link to every burger.  All in all, we had a great day racing in California.  It was a day when competition intersected with cooperation.


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