Millennials: Why are they unhappy?

H = R – E
Happiness = Reality – Expectations
That really makes a lot of sense.
Millennials (and other generations) should expect great lives.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with high hopes and grand expectations.  I think the big challenging question is this:  In what time frames should I expect these great things?  Greatness will come over years of mastering your craft.  As long as we all understand the 10,000 Rule (it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be considered an expert), then I think we’ll all be in great shape.
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Rain Delay Speech


There is a serious leadership moment when Heyward called a Team Meeting (Players only) during the rain delay in Game 7.

Heyward’s message, via

“I told them I love them. I told them I’m proud of the way they overcame everything together. I told them everyone has to look in the mirror, and know everyone contributed to this season and to where we are at this point. I said, ‘I don’t know how it’s going to happen, how we’re going to do it, but let’s go out and try to get a W.'”

Great lessons for all of us.  We all have moments when we need to give the right speech at the right time.
When has been a time in your life when you heard the right thing at the right time?  Have you been the person that needed to give this speech?  Comment below!

Watch the Speech here: Rain Delay Speech

Being Grateful

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what we are most grateful for this year.  I am particularly grateful for family, good health, great business partners, In-n-out and the Lakers winning (lately!).

I received the following article from Michael Josephson.  I’ve been following him since I moved to LA in 1998.  He ran a radio program called “Character Counts”, and I have found his blogs and words of wisdom to be a great inspiration.

Enjoy these words on gratitude and it’s importance.  What are you grateful for this season?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section!



Be Thankful for Your Parents

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to remind children of all ages to think about your parents and all the things you could feel thankful for. Even if you didn’t have a perfect home life or ideal parents, it’s a good day to appreciate those who need affirmation, approval, and encouragement as much as you did when you were a child.

It’s natural to criticize your parents and be preoccupied with your own life, but this doesn’t free you from the basic responsibility to be courteous, kind, empathetic, respectful, and grateful.

Children, especially teens and young adults, often become so self-absorbed with their own lives that they really believe they’re too busy or too poor to be attentive to their parents’ emotional needs. They don’t make thoughtful phone calls or get even symbolic birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts (with parents, it really is the thought that counts). Because their parents forgive them, they think what they did or didn’t do is okay. Well, it isn’t.

You have an enormous power to cause happiness or hurt. Sharing good news, even asking for advice, can give your mom or dad great pleasure and pride. If, however, you ignore, demean, or shut out your parents due to thoughtlessness or malice, you can cause enduring distress, even misery.

Good parents – the ones who are easiest to hurt – change their lives in thousands of ways for their children. They don’t do it for gratitude, but they deserve thankfulness. In a moment of despair, King Lear utters an age-old truth: “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”

Make America Kind Again

With the results of the election settling in it really bothers me to see how much hate there is.  Trump fans are boastful and insulting (it seems).  Clinton fans (or Trump Haters) are very unhappy and vocal.
Check out how this one mom is trying to spread kindness amongst all the negativity out there
Somehow we all need to stop the hate.  

Football Lesson in Leadership

I’m sure a bunch of you watched the Sunday night football game between the Seahawks and the Cardinals.  Pretty crazy finish to say the least.

Check out this article from  It’s a great lesson regarding leadership.  How the two coaches reacted and talked about their players to the media is something that we can all learn from.
As leaders, our goal is to build confidence in our people.  Pete Carroll is definitely proficient at this.
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What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

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1) Be a person of your word. It might seem old school – let your word be your bond. It’s interesting how people that can be taken seriously, people that have a high amount of trust from others – they do the simple things like following through with the things they say they’re going to do. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of “let your word be your bond”.