Hepp’s Stock Tip for 2017:  Bet on Liam Boyer

Do you know what it feels like to exhaust yourself, give everything you have, bring the most and best out of yourself, and then win a championship?
A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to watch a baseball classic come to and end when the Chicago Cubs won in 10 innings of Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians.  I watched the players jump up and down, yell, scream, high five, hug, and celebrate like champions.  To me it doesn’t matter what the sport is, I just love watching winners give everything they have and get super emotional after.
Saturday night (December 17, 2016) was another one of those moments.
Every year, I host a really fun weekend for the Top Players in our group of companies.  This year, we had about 120 people come to Los Angeles for another action packed weekend.  As the teams were put together for the Big Bear Classic, Liam was asked to take on a tricky task.  His powerhouse (Picha) was in a position to lead a team himself, and Liam and Wanis would then have to partner up to put together a “marmalade team” from two different organizations.
I felt for Liam – as I thought there was a good chance that this team might come in dead last just simply because there will be a lack of synergy since the team spawned from two orgs and because Liam’s star player was now a competitor.
We started off bright and early on Saturday morning with a “running event”, and it was followed up with a 7-person ski event.  Gareth Roberts proved in the preliminary heats that his team was unbelievable with the skis.  These guys basically figured out how to run in these crazy skis.  I was so confident that Gareth’s team would win, I bet my buddy Cog-A-Dog a beer that Gareth’s team would blow Liam’s out of the water.  This was my second time mistakingly betting against Liam.  Liam’s team squeeked out the W, and I found myself chugging a Miller Lite.
As the contest went on, Liam found himself going head-to-head with the mighty Joe Nolan team in the finals.  Joe’s team (in my opinion) won the “team spirit” award as they were hyped, loud, and winning most challenges.  Somehow Liam’s team won 5 straight beer pong games to pull off the championship.  It was an unbelievable run and an unbelievable weekend.
Congratulations Liam, Wanis, Rod, Phil, Patrick, Randi, Danny, Christopher, James, and Sonia.  You guys are winners, and you were lead by a winner.  You guys stepped up to the challenges, you bonded and became one unit, and you taught us all some great lessons.
  • Never under-estimate a couple of men that served this country (these guys know how to win).
  • Never under-estimate an “Angry Rod” – when this guy is focused – he brings himself to a new level.
  • Never under-estimate the swag and quiet diplomacy of the Egyptian – he made sure all dialog on the team was positive (not one ounce of negative energy…. ever).
  • Never upset Randi.  2016 hasn’t exactly been kind to her, but she refused to let the year end on any kind of loss.
  • Never refer to Phil as Samuel L. Jackson.
  • It doesn’t make sense to bet against Patrick considering he’s higher than a kite – he’s starting his first business next week.
  • And when you have a couple of rookies like Danny and Sonia – you never know what you’ll get.  These rooks brought their best and showed us that the new guys are optimistic and expect the best from themselves.
  • And of course, we learned that Liam Boyer understands and exhibits the Law of Victory:  Winners Find a Way to Win.

Liam gave us an exclamation mark for 2016, and he’s telling us all he can compete with the best of us.  I am betting on Liam’s Organization winning in 2017, and we will crown a new Org Consultant within the next 18 months.

One of my stock tips for 2017:  buy Boyer stock.  It’s on the rise.


Check out this video from our Top Gun/BBC Weekend!

Big Bear Classic V

The weekend of October 7-9, 2011, Team TAG and Jaime Hepp hosted the annual event that’s talked about all year long:  The Big Bear Classic.  This was our 5th annual Classic, and it turned out to be the most memorable Classic yet.

Several people mentioned that this Classic needed to be noted and archived.  Here are some points that we wanted to capture:

  • 50 people attended our crazy weekend.  All owners, Top Guns, Assistant Managers, and Top Administrators were invited.  We also invited Ali and a handful of Canadians to join.  We decided to host this event at one of our favorite YMCA’s – Camp Oakes in Big Bear, California.  
  • 4 teams were created:  Team Mexico (lead by Sabastian), Team Camouflage (lead by Joe), Team Yellow (lead by Teddy), and Team Pink (lead by Liam)
  • There 10 very intense head to head competition events (Tug-o-war, Canoe race, Team ski race, High Ropes, Brain game, Chug race, Archery, Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Beer Pong)
  • Leading up until the last event (Beer Pong), it was anyone’s tournament.  Team Camo was in first with 32 points, Team Pink was in second with 30 points, Team Yellow was in 3rd with 28 points, and Team Mexico was in fourth with 26 points.  As exhausted as everyone was, we got our second wind around 9pm for the final event.
  • Beer Pong was a double elimination tournament.  Here’s how the the tournament would score:  4th place – 2 points, 3rd place – 4 points, 2nd place – 6 points, and 1st place – 8 points.
  • And here’s how things went down:
  • Team Pink lost their first 2 matches – they ended up in 4th place
  • Team Camo and Team Mexico were battling for the next elimination.  It appeared that Team Camo had the Classic Cup in the bag.  There were 8 cups left for Mexico to hit as Camo had its final cup to hit.  Teddy, captain of the Team Yellow made a joke that this could be the biggest meltdown in sports history.  Jaime, on Team Yellow also, was trying to film Camo get the game winning shot.  He was impressed with Team Camo and the awesome display of teamwork all day.  Here are few shots that he captured as he tried getting the game winner:
  • As Teddy called it, it was the greatest meltdown in sports history.  After the Big Bear Classic, Joe was asked how many chances did he think that his team had to “close it out”.  He estimated 20-25 shots.
  • Camo lost to Mexico leaving Camo in 3rd place.
  • Yellow beat Mexico – which put Yellow and Camo in a tie for first place (36 points for each team).  It also left Pink and Mexico in a tie for last place.  Pink and Mexico were exhausted and decided to call it a draw.  They busted out a package of wieners and started rolling the wieners across the floor with their noses.
  • And then the epic, photo finish – the overtime period.
  • Camo and Yellow came down to the last cup for each team.  Back and forth the shooters shot.  And then… the final shot.  Jaime took the slow motion swish – and Team Yellow went crazy.  Camo had a chance to push, but 2 misses later, the fate of the Cup was determined.  Yellow took home the gold!  
Everyone agreed that this was one of the best events of the year for our organization.  That says alot considering we’ve attended a lot of really cool venues.  Win or lose, everyone had a great time.  There were no sore losers, and there were no gloating winners.  Everyone had moments of victory and moments of defeat throughout the day.  All in all, the crew is tighter than it’s ever been and we look forward to many more opportunities to work and play together for years to come.