Hepp Highlights: You can’t manage time!

Check out this video about “managing” your time.  Hint: you can’t!


Managing Yourself

Are you in control of your life?  Are you making good decisions?

Here’s something to think about…

7 areas that we must properly manage in our lives to be successful:

  • Our emotions
  • Our time
  • Our priorities
  • Our energy
  • Our thinking
  • Our words
  • Our personal lives

There are plenty of things outside of our control.  That’s where faith in God and His plans for us really kick in.  If we properly manage the things that we do have in our control, chances are that we will make good decisions and reap the benefits of those choices.

I sort of look at things in the following mathematical formula:
Good Management = Good Decisions = Reap Benefits
Poor Management = Poor Decisions = Pay the Consequences


Who’s managing your life?