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TAG serving The Boys and Girls Club

TAG's Volunteers
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On June 12, 2017, TAG and its army of volunteers gave a few families in Santa Ana an unforgettable evening.  The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana hosted the event lead by Lupita and her great staff.  The goal was to invite a handful of families that have children attending the Club to a wonderful evening of good food, good company, and some live entertainment (thrown together by TAG).  The thought was to encourage families to eat together, enjoy each other, and strengthen family bonds.  In today’s busy world, it’s easier said than done for families to be able to enjoy family meals together.

Restaurant at The Club

TAG showed up to the Club early to set up tables, chairs, flowers, cutlery, etc – and did their best to give the families a 5-Star experience.  Musical instruments were available and the TAG’s “gutsy volunteers” did their best to accommodate requests.  🙂

Volunteers were in the kitchen preparing the food (catered by local restaurants).  And of course as meals were finished, the crew did an excellent job cleaning up and preparing the B&G Club for another day of serving kids after school.

Kitchen Crew

The highlight of the evening was to see the families enjoying their time together appreciating a great evening of food and entertainment.  Kids are always a pleasure to serve, and having fun is always easy at the Boys & Girls Club.

“Being able to help out at the Boys & Girls Club was a special experience.  Just doing something as simple as serving a meal goes such a long way to these families and being able to be a part of it was very rewarding.  I am so thankful for the staff for allowing us to be a part of it and thankful for the continuous work they put into the community on a daily basis.” – Kelsey Dieter (HR Manager of TAG)

The Kids

Easy to have fun at The Club with The Kids

We appreciate the Boys & Girls Club staff for always having hearts of gold serving their local communities.

We appreciate our volunteers for selflessly giving their time and energy.

And most of all, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the community and do our best to serve and give back.

Thanksgiving – Serving With The Stars

We have a great tradition at the Boys & Girls Club every year.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we turn the gymnasium at the Club in to a “restaurant”.  We try to reach as many local families as possible.

In 2008, we were joined by several Los Angeles superstars:  Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, and a few others that make our team looking pretty tiny.

The food was great, the families loved it, and we had a great time.  Local TV stations show up with their cameras and news people.  As I saw the kids lining up to talk to Pau, it dawned on me that might have possibly missed the purpose of what we were really trying to accomplish:  serve the people and make the celebration all about them and the blessings in their lives.

This year we experienced something really special.  On Tuesday (11.22.2011), we celebrated another B&G Club Thanksgiving Dinner.  Over 300 local family members enjoyed the awesome food and fun times.  To our surprise, as we were running around grabbing food and drinks for everyone, we saw Colin Farrell there doing the same thing.

There were no cameras.  There was no paparazzi.  Colin was sincerely there to serve, enjoy his time with the families, and do his part to make the evening a success.  Of course the moms and dads knew who he was, but the kids didn’t know.  It was funny to see little kids going up to him demanding a slice of pumpkin pie.  Colin seemed very happy to oblige.  Kudos to Colin Farrell.

It was great to see our group running around like always.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of the people that work with Team TAG.

Here are a few bullet points that make the group a very special team:

  • Servants’ Hearts
  • Adaptable
  • Impeccable Work Ethics
  • Amiable 
  • Always Smiling
  • Others First

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Thank you for your dedication and support.

2011 Silent Auction Raises $189,000 for Boys & Girls Club



Friday – September 30th 2011, 45 Team TAG volunteers help raise $189,000 for Boys & Girls of Venice

On Friday (September 30th) Team TAG took 45 leaders to volunteer at the 6th annual Fall Gala for the Boys & Girls Club of Venice.  The main event of the Gala: a Silent Auction, presenting over a hundred items for people to bid on.

Held at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray, the purpose of the Gala was to raise enough money for the renovation of the club’s main learning room, where the children go to improve themselves both academically and personally.

“It was very enriching to see the smile on the kids’ faces and see so many people come together for a great cause.  The amount of time, money, and effort put into this was overwhelming and I feel very privileged to have been involved in the fundraiser.” – Ryan Seibel

The event was hosted by local Fox Sports Net reporter Michael Eaves, who was impressed with the commitment by the volunteers from Team TAG.  “I have hosted several events through the years, but I have yet to encounter anyone who was as prepared and organized.” – Michael Eaves

Cathy Hession was honored at this event.  She has been a great role model for the community and for Team TAG.  She is an unselfish leader that has a big heart.  Her enthusiasm and passion to serve are second to none.

With the help of Team TAG, the Boys and Girls Club was able to raise a total of $189,000.  The event was an incredible success.  Our special evening attracted local celebrities such as Shannon Brown, guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.  Jaime Hepp, owner of Team TAG, could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the event.

“I am very proud of our team.  We had 45 of our staff members unselfishly give up their Friday evening to make this event work.  We were escorting people, running merchandise in and out of the ball room, selling the items, training people on the iPods – everything ran like a well-oiled machine.  I love our team, and ultimately, the kids at The Club love us too.  Over 4,000 kids will receive great after school programs because of successful events like this one.” – Jaime Hepp

This event was only one of many that Team TAG has volunteered at in an attempt to reach out in a positive way to the community.  Advocated by Jaime Hepp, the value of service and giving back is a core value held at Team TAG.

“It was awesome to see so many people come out for a great cause!  It’s great that Team TAG has giving back to the community so ingrained into the company culture.  True success is being able to share it with others.” – Mani Disuanco

High Ropes Leadership Challenge

Saturday – August 27, 2011, Team TAG partnered up with the Boys & Girls of Venice to enjoy Folcrum’s ropes course in Culver City, CA.

With an energetic mixture of 21 volunteers and 21 kids, they endeavored rock climbing walls and tight rope challenges 60 feet high.

The course was a mental and trust building challenge for all parties involved. Testing the mental strength and physical strength of the parties involved, each member displayed courage and support unparalleled.

The purpose of the course was to build relationships with the high school attendees of the Boys & Girls club of Venice. After their efforts on Saturday, this was certainly accomplished.

Here are some of the quotes from participants:

“My expectations for the ropes course were surpassed. Witnessing the leadership and trust between the kids and the leaders, as well as between leaders themselves was overwhelming and a great experience.” – Rachael Dickhute

“I felt the ropes course was great because we stretched our comfort zone in a tangible way.  We interacted with the kids who were strangers at first and through the process became people we relied on to help us overcome obstacles and real fear.  We had fun we learned and hopefully the kids will take away great life lessons.” – Andrew Barkman

“That was an incredible experience for me! Seeing that people can conquer their fears to do what they think that they can’t do was totally inspiring ! It was definitely one of the most unforgettable moments in my life.” – Chen

“Hanging 20 feet off the ground while trying to guide and bond with a newly met friend was intense. The best feeling came when we were on the ground and hugged each other. I know that neither of us will forget that day and memories we shared. I’m glad I participated!” – Yesa Matvelieva

“Fearless!  These kids are fearless!  I feel like such a chicken up there.” – Jaime Hepp

“Jump Dada!” – Dane Hepp

“It is great to give our teens opportunities like the High Ropes Course. They really gain a lot from the exposure to new activities and the interaction with young, successful and engaging professionals like you and your staff. Thank you, thank you! 

It means so much to all of our teens to have you and Team TAG come in on a Saturday to mentor them. When they found out that some of your staff drove in from Orange County to be there they really felt championed.”

Thank you again for making it all happen! You are very appreciated.” – Danielle Chi (Boys and Girls Club)

Thanks kids.  Thanks Boys & Girls Club staff.  Thanks volunteers of Team TAG.  Serving the community has never been so much fun!