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On June 12, 2017, TAG and its army of volunteers gave a few families in Santa Ana an unforgettable evening.  The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana hosted the event lead by Lupita and her great staff.  The goal was to invite a handful of families that have children attending the Club to a wonderful evening of good food, good company, and some live entertainment (thrown together by TAG).  The thought was to encourage families to eat together, enjoy each other, and strengthen family bonds.  In today’s busy world, it’s easier said than done for families to be able to enjoy family meals together.

Restaurant at The Club

TAG showed up to the Club early to set up tables, chairs, flowers, cutlery, etc – and did their best to give the families a 5-Star experience.  Musical instruments were available and the TAG’s “gutsy volunteers” did their best to accommodate requests.  🙂

Volunteers were in the kitchen preparing the food (catered by local restaurants).  And of course as meals were finished, the crew did an excellent job cleaning up and preparing the B&G Club for another day of serving kids after school.

Kitchen Crew

The highlight of the evening was to see the families enjoying their time together appreciating a great evening of food and entertainment.  Kids are always a pleasure to serve, and having fun is always easy at the Boys & Girls Club.

“Being able to help out at the Boys & Girls Club was a special experience.  Just doing something as simple as serving a meal goes such a long way to these families and being able to be a part of it was very rewarding.  I am so thankful for the staff for allowing us to be a part of it and thankful for the continuous work they put into the community on a daily basis.” – Kelsey Dieter (HR Manager of TAG)

The Kids

Easy to have fun at The Club with The Kids

We appreciate the Boys & Girls Club staff for always having hearts of gold serving their local communities.

We appreciate our volunteers for selflessly giving their time and energy.

And most of all, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the community and do our best to serve and give back.

Football Lesson in Leadership

I’m sure a bunch of you watched the Sunday night football game between the Seahawks and the Cardinals.  Pretty crazy finish to say the least.

Check out this article from  It’s a great lesson regarding leadership.  How the two coaches reacted and talked about their players to the media is something that we can all learn from.
As leaders, our goal is to build confidence in our people.  Pete Carroll is definitely proficient at this.
Enjoy the read!
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Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic

I have a special place in my heart for Kobe.  We were both new comers to LA in the late 90’s.  He was an up-and-coming superstar in a great city… and I was a wanna-be entrepreneur in this same great city.  Kobe, Shaq, and team struggled in the beginning – as did I.  Learning about myself; trying to figure myself out; strengths; weaknesses; teammates.
I observed Kobe.  Kobe studied MJ (my childhood idol) and became the closest thing to Jordan since Jordan.  (Read MJ – The Life – and there’s a really good chapter in there about how Jordan knew Kobe was “The One”).  Kobe was relentless.  His work ethic was not to be matched.  Kobe was a terrific player, but his leadership was suspect – and he needed to improve in this area.  While crafting his game as one of the best the world had ever seen, he learned how to increase his leadership lid.  Kobe stumbled in his personal life and created many haters – myself included.  He showed us how to bounce back.  His family showed us how to forgive and move on.  Kobe made me a fan again; he made a lot of us fans again.  Kobe gave us hope in ourselves bouncing back – no matter what we were dealing with.
Los Angeles experienced something really cool, and fans partied.  I have so many fond memories of walking out of Staples Center, local restaurants, my office – and celebrating with my fellow Angelinos.  There’s something really cool about high-fiving everyone (fans at the game, fans in the restaurants, the homeless people on the street).  The city really unified and became one – and it seemed that one’s social status meant nothing.  We were all Lakers fans.  Nothing else mattered.  I fell in love with LA; and LA became home.


I find athletics and business to be two of the same.  Long hours, commitment, overcoming adversity, winning, losing, reinventing yourself, etc.
It has been fun and educational studying Kobe Bryant over the years.  His relentlessness is admirable (in my opinion) – and I think his will to win (like MJ) is something we can all insert in to our careers.


I hope you find value in the article below.  I hope there is some inspiration here to help us all “step up our games”.  Enjoy the read.  ~ Jaime
Check out the original article by Business Insider on:

22 examples of Kobe Bryant’s insane work ethic

– He works out harder and earlier than even the NBA’s best players.

– He had Nike shave a few millimeters off the bottom of his shoes in 2008 to get ‘a hundredth of a second better reaction time’

– He says he taught himself to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on piano by ear.

See the entire list on Business Insider. 

Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management

We have always wanted to create a hip, fun work culture filled with cutting edge ideas and terrific talent.  This article paints a great picture of things to avoid when trying to attract today’s top Millennial talent.  Enjoy the read.

Original Article from  via LinkedIn

This post was cowritten with Elizabeth McLeod, a millennial and cum laude graduate of Boston University, and daughter of Lisa Earle McLeod.

Attracting and keeping top millennial talent is a burning issue for leaders. Millennials are 35% of the workforce. By 2020 they’ll be 46% of the working population.

Some of our most successful clients — organizations like G Adventures, Google, and Hootsuite — are filled with millennials who are on fire for their jobs. Yet many organizations struggle to attract, and retain, top millennial talent.

One of us, Elizabeth, wrote this letter, to share insights about what top-performing millennials want and how leaders can ignite the “energy of a thousand suns.”

An Open Letter to Management:

You hired us thinking this one might be different; this one might be in it for the long haul. We’re six months in, giving everything we have, then suddenly, we drop a bomb on you. We’re quitting.

We know the stereotypes. Millennials never settle down. We’re drowning in debt for useless degrees. We refuse to put our phone away. We are addicted to lattes even at the expense of our water bill. Our bosses are not wrong about these perceptions. But,pointing to our sometimes irresponsible spending and fear of interpersonal commitment isn’t going to solve your problem. You still need us. We’re the ones who’ve mastered social media, who have the energy of a thousand suns, and who will knock back 5-dollar macchiatos until the job is done perfectly.

I’ve worked in corporate America, administrative offices, advertising agencies, and restaurants. I’ve had bosses ranging from 24 to 64. I’ve had bosses I loved, and bosses I didn’t. I’ve seen my peers quit, and I’ve quit a few times myself. Here’s what’s really behind your millennials’ resignation letter:

1. You tolerate low-performance

It’s downright debilitating to a high achiever. I’m working my heart out and every time I look up Donna-Do-Nothing is contemplating how long is too long to take for lunch. I start wondering why leadership tolerates this.

Is that the standard here? No thanks.

Fact: Poor performers have a chilling effect on everyone.

2. ROI is not enough for me.

I spent Sunday thinking about how I can make a difference to our customers. Now it’s Monday morning, what do I hear? Stock price. Billing. ROI. Suddenly, my Monday power playlist seems useless. I’m sitting in a conference room listening to you drag on about cash flow.

I was making more money bartending in college than I am at this entry-level job. You say I’ll get a raise in a year if the company hits a certain number? So what? I need something to care about today. Talk to me about how we make a difference, not your ROI report.

Fact: Organizations with a purpose bigger than money have a growth rate triple that of their competitors.

3. Culture is more than free Panera.

Don’t confuse culture with collateral. Yes, I am a cash-strapped millennial who really appreciates free lunch. But I don’t wake up at 6AM every day to play foosball in the break room. I’m not inspired to be more innovative over a Bacon Turkey Bravo.

I need to be surrounded by people who are on fire for what we’re doing. I need a manager who is motivated to push boundaries and think differently. Working in a cool office is really awesome. So is free lunch. But a purposeful culture is more important.

Fact: A culture of purpose drives exponential sales growth 

4. It’s ok to get personal

Treat me like a number? I’ll return the favor. This job will quickly become nothing more than my rent payment. I’ll start living for Friday and counting down the minutes until 5. After a few months of that, I’ll probably have a drunken epiphany and realize I want more out of my life than this.

Then I’ll prove your assumptions right. 8 months in, I’ll quit and leave. Or worse, I’ll quit and stay, just like Donna-Do-Nothing.

That’s not good for either of us. Here’s what you need to know:

I was raised to believe I could change the world. I’m desperate for you to show me that the work we do here matters, even just a little bit. I’ll make copies, I’ll fetch coffee, I’ll do the grunt work. But I’m not doing it to help you get a new Mercedes.

I’ll give you everything I’ve got, but I need to know it makes a difference to something bigger than your bottom line.


A Millennial

The millennials are telling us what we already know in our hearts to be true. People want to make money, they also want to make a difference.   Successful leaders putpurpose before profit, and they wind up with teams who drive revenue through the roof.

Lisa Earle McLeod is the creator of the popular business concept Noble Purpose and author of the bestseller Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do work That Makes You Proud

Managing Yourself

Are you in control of your life?  Are you making good decisions?

Here’s something to think about…

7 areas that we must properly manage in our lives to be successful:

  • Our emotions
  • Our time
  • Our priorities
  • Our energy
  • Our thinking
  • Our words
  • Our personal lives

There are plenty of things outside of our control.  That’s where faith in God and His plans for us really kick in.  If we properly manage the things that we do have in our control, chances are that we will make good decisions and reap the benefits of those choices.

I sort of look at things in the following mathematical formula:
Good Management = Good Decisions = Reap Benefits
Poor Management = Poor Decisions = Pay the Consequences


Who’s managing your life?

Get Motivated People!

A few of our leaders got a special treat on Halloween and represented Team TAG at the annual Get Motivated Seminar.  Our group of 9 joined 17,000 others at Staples Center in Downtown LA to listen to famous speakers such as Rudy Giuliani, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Laura Bush, Krishna Dhanam, and Bill Cosby.

The Get Motivated Seminar is one of the largest and long lasting business seminars in North America.  The purpose of the seminar is not only to motivate and educate, but to challenge and inspire action amongst the audience.

One of the most memorable speakers included Krish Dhanam, a top sales training expert who was personally mentored by Zig Ziglar.  His charisma captivated the audience and had all our leaders writing down his mantra:

“Plan with attitude, prepare with aptitude, participate with servitude, receive with gratitude, and this should be enough to separate you from the multitudes.”

“I really enjoyed hearing what Colin Powell and Krish Dhanam were talking about; Krish focusing on selflessness.  They really honed in on the little qualities that differentiate a person who wants people to lead and a person who wanted people to be successful with them.” – Donielle Kalachi

Another anticipated speaker was Lou Holtz, the only college football coach to lead six different programs to bowl games.  Holtz shared with the audience the things he believes and practices which included having a passion and focusing on your purpose.  Intertwined in his speech were humorous anecdotes about his coaching experiences and personal life.

“I appreciated Lou Holtz speech because it was applicable to being a leader in any kind of situation.  Whether someone was leading a team in sports, military, government, or business, it is important to have solid values, a great attitude, and a goal to strive for.” – Manilynn Disuanco

In addition to listening to the motivational speakers our team got the chance to network with other professionals, received workbooks filled with valuable information to share with the rest of the office, and participated in raffles and contests.

The task at hand now is to transfer the knowledge and motivation to the rest of the office.

“Coming to this event was truly an amazing opportunity to hear from the fearless leaders of our country.  No matter what arena each leader associated with, each shared great nuggets of wisdom that can transcend to all aspects of life. Specifically I enjoyed how each speaker emphasized similar attributes of success: working hard, a great attitude, embrace change, and the importance of spiritual success.” – Ellesse Wong

We can’t wait to see what kind of motivation these leaders bring to our team!

High Ropes Leadership Challenge

Saturday – August 27, 2011, Team TAG partnered up with the Boys & Girls of Venice to enjoy Folcrum’s ropes course in Culver City, CA.

With an energetic mixture of 21 volunteers and 21 kids, they endeavored rock climbing walls and tight rope challenges 60 feet high.

The course was a mental and trust building challenge for all parties involved. Testing the mental strength and physical strength of the parties involved, each member displayed courage and support unparalleled.

The purpose of the course was to build relationships with the high school attendees of the Boys & Girls club of Venice. After their efforts on Saturday, this was certainly accomplished.

Here are some of the quotes from participants:

“My expectations for the ropes course were surpassed. Witnessing the leadership and trust between the kids and the leaders, as well as between leaders themselves was overwhelming and a great experience.” – Rachael Dickhute

“I felt the ropes course was great because we stretched our comfort zone in a tangible way.  We interacted with the kids who were strangers at first and through the process became people we relied on to help us overcome obstacles and real fear.  We had fun we learned and hopefully the kids will take away great life lessons.” – Andrew Barkman

“That was an incredible experience for me! Seeing that people can conquer their fears to do what they think that they can’t do was totally inspiring ! It was definitely one of the most unforgettable moments in my life.” – Chen

“Hanging 20 feet off the ground while trying to guide and bond with a newly met friend was intense. The best feeling came when we were on the ground and hugged each other. I know that neither of us will forget that day and memories we shared. I’m glad I participated!” – Yesa Matvelieva

“Fearless!  These kids are fearless!  I feel like such a chicken up there.” – Jaime Hepp

“Jump Dada!” – Dane Hepp

“It is great to give our teens opportunities like the High Ropes Course. They really gain a lot from the exposure to new activities and the interaction with young, successful and engaging professionals like you and your staff. Thank you, thank you! 

It means so much to all of our teens to have you and Team TAG come in on a Saturday to mentor them. When they found out that some of your staff drove in from Orange County to be there they really felt championed.”

Thank you again for making it all happen! You are very appreciated.” – Danielle Chi (Boys and Girls Club)

Thanks kids.  Thanks Boys & Girls Club staff.  Thanks volunteers of Team TAG.  Serving the community has never been so much fun!